Fall COVID-19 Office Policy Updates

As it has been a while since we’ve provided updates about our office procedures during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to pass along some information about where things stand at this point (please see the prior blog posts from back in March for previous updates). We are continuing to try to keep the office as safe as possible and as always we remain available as your first point of contact for any of your child’s healthcare needs.

We are avoiding any time spent by patients co-mingling in the waiting room by taking patients straight to their assigned exam rooms for visits. Upon arrival to the office, please remain in your car and call through the main office number for a staff member to let you know when we are ready for you to enter and which exam room you will be going to. To further minimize unnecessary contacts, we do ask that only one parent accompany their child for the visit and that you do not bring other children along with you if they are not scheduled to be seen. If patients or parents are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms of concern or have been in contact with a known COVID-19 patient we would ask that you update our office prior to your scheduled appointment so that we can determine whether the appointment needs to be rescheduled. Patients and parents will undergo screening questions when confirming appointments.

We are seeing sick/acute visits in the office as well but are limiting exposures with other patients, screening symptoms of concern, and referring for COVID-19 testing prior to office visits as indicated. Telemedicine visits remain a good option for situations in which a direct office visit may not be required or is not safe; please let us know if you would prefer a telemedicine visit when scheduling. We are not yet set up for COVID-19 testing at the office presently, but are exploring the feasibility of this as we move along. There are a few options for pursuing COVID-19 testing in children locally, including the Penn State Health OnDemand app via Hershey Medical Center.

Please contact us if you do have any questions or concerns at all. Stay safe and we will continue to all get through this together!

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