Update Letter From Dr. Kara Garcia

Dear families and patients of Tan and Garcia Pediatrics,

I hope your winter is going smoothly, and that you all are staying well throughout the season. I am writing with a heavy heart to let you know that my family and I plan to move out of state in summer 2020 to be closer to our extended family. This decision did not come easily, as I have grown so close to all of my patients and their families (you), and it will be hard to say goodbye. I am honored that you have entrusted me with the care of your children, and I have learned volumes from my time at Tan and Garcia.

We, as a practice, have accomplished so much in the past 10 years, and I feel very fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of doctors and staff who dedicate their days and nights to our patients. I feel confident in my coworkers’ ability to continue providing compassionate and thoughtful care to your families.

I hope I can see some of you prior to our move, and I’m sorry I couldn’t tell all of you in person. We will do our best to ensure adequate transfer of information to my fellow doctors, but if you have any specific requests, please call our office.


Kara Garcia MD

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